About Me

I am a software engineer with expertise in health science and a passion for improving people’s lives through technology. I’ve had a soft spot for coding ever since I deployed my first HTML web page in 5th grade. Optimizing code for efficiency by examining all possible data points comes naturally to me. My years working with elite triathletes utilizing big data analysis to optimize racing outcomes has taught me to always keep the big picture in mind while working on a specific feature in a codebase. I can draw from a wealth of experience to hit the ground running with any team working in a fast pace environment. When I am not coding you can find me hiking with my fiancee and the dogs, camping, running, cycling, or just about anything else out in the sun!

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Based on Strava, users can track their routes and workouts. (Rails, PostgreSQL, React/Redux, Google Maps API, Chart.js, D3.js)


A single-page app based on Netflix where users can reminisce by watching their favorite 1980’s workout videos! ( Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, React/Redux)

What's in the Fridge?

A site developed for efficient uses of food in people’s refrigerators. (Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Edamam API. React, GraphQL/Apollo)

Run Visualizer

A animated data visualization buit with D3.js for endurance athletes to better analyze their training data. (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, D3.js)